I haven’t written in a while because work’s been so busy. And today, I’m in transit flying back from 2 weeks in Africa for work. It was a good trip and it reminded me why I love working with people in different countries. I was constantly being told that I have a gift for relating … More Sadness

Bad Dream

I woke up crying this morning. I had a dream that I was younger and that I had gone to a club to go dancing. But while I was there a man raped me. He pushed me against this table that faced outwards to people and raped me from behind. Then later I felt his … More Bad Dream

EMDR: Session 8

Geneviève came out today. As usual, she was crying. It makes me sad because she really sobs. Just like a small girl. She cried uncontrollably but she wasn’t panicking this time. It was calmer than last time, but still sobbing. When she left, I didn’t realize that my nose was running. I had snot all … More EMDR: Session 8


I wish I was normal. I wish I could be like everyone else. I’m all alone. Always.

EMDR: Session 7

I was feeling nervous and anxious going in today. I was really disappointed with myself last week and realized how much pressure I was putting on myself. Last night, I tried to be compassionate and understanding with myself, reminding myself to just let go and that it doesn’t matter what my pace is. I can … More EMDR: Session 7

EMDR: Session 6

I keep writing the same title, but haven’t actually started EMDR treatment. I’m feeling a bit disappointed and frustrated because Geneviève didn’t talk much today. She came out for a little bit and then left quickly. On the one hand, it makes me think, did I make it up last time? But I know I … More EMDR: Session 6